tomato  Green Heart Lunch Club Terms of Service


The school is not responsible for payment to the Green Heart Lunch Club. Parents are responsible for registration and payment.


The Green Heart Lunch Club is not only a healthy lunch club program but also a fundraising opportunity for schools. Once your school has reached 100 lunches per week, they will receive 25 cents from every lunch! The Green Heart Lunch Club will issue the participating school a cheque in December and June for duration of the program.

Missing Lunches:

If your child needs to miss a lunch day for an appointment, please let us know at least five calendar days prior to the lunch club date. To make a missed lunch request, please send us your details using the Contact Us form. Refunds will be given in the form of credit towards a future lunch.

Delivery/Pick Up:

The Green Heart Lunch Club will pack each meal in its own biodegradable packaging. Each classroom will receive a thermal bag which will contain hot items and a box which will contain the cold items and the lunch kits. Each bag and box will be labeled with the teacher’s name and will contain a student listing inside. The Green Heart Lunch Club must be provided with a designated area for drop off. Each classroom must have a representative to come collect the lunches for classroom distribution. The Green Heart Lunch Club will return after lunch to collect the thermal bags in the same area where the bags were dropped off, unless arranged otherwise.

Allergies/Special Dietary Restrictions:

Parents will provide the Green Heart Lunch Club with any information in regards to allergies or restrictions. Any child with a special dietary need will have their lunch labeled with their name on it. The representative who distributes the meals is responsible for making sure that the child receives their special meal with their name on it. The Green Heart Lunch Club will not be responsible if the child receives the wrong lunch upon distribution.


By becoming a Green Heart customer, you are giving us permission to send you a receipt email and a monthly renewal date notification. We respect your inbox and strive to send as few emails as possible. You can unsubscribe any time by hitting the “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of one of our emails.


The Green Heart Lunch Club is not responsible for any lost or stolen goods as well as injury, illness, or allergic reactions of children. We follow strict food safety guidelines and also maintain a nut-free facility which means we do not use nut products nor do we allow any nut products in our facility. We also make sure to label any meals that require any special attention. We do our best to ensure that we are using nut-free products and avoid contact with any other allergens for the children with restrictions. However, we cannot guarantee that products from our suppliers have not come in contact with nuts or any other allergens.

Duration of the program:

When a schools registers for the the Green Heart Lunch Club, the duration of the program will go on until the end of the school year.

Happy Health!