Frequently Asked Questions

Simply Contact Us and we will send you and your school more information about the Green Heart Lunch Club. We can also attend a meeting with the principal or present at your parent’s council. Once the school signs up for the program, GHLC and the school will choose which day of the week they would like to have the meals delivered. Parents will then be notified through a newsletter and can Join the Club through our online registration form.
The Green Heart Lunch Club has a strong passion for food—real food! We care about where food comes from, how it is grown, and how it is made. We currently have the healthiest menu and best ingredients out of any lunch provider. We also provide a specific menu just for school staff members. Our lunches provide the best value for the quality of lunch your child receives. There is also minimal involvement from your schools Administrators! PLUS we can help you make money for your school!
This is a very common question. There are numerous online resources that outline what child experts are saying about picky eaters. Basically the bottom line is that children are learning every single day. It is important to us to offer a program that introduces children to new ideas and reinforce healthy eating habits. If a child is used to a certain way of eating it will take some time for them to develop their palate. Their tastes and likes will change as they grow. Introducing them to healthy options now will help reinforce better habits for the future. Remember the first time you tried to potty train your child? It most likely was not well received and may have even taken a year or two; but you stuck with it because you knew the importance of potty training. The same goes for when you first started teaching your child how to share or ride a bike. We believe the same thinking applies to helping our kids try new foods and developing healthy eating habits. The best advice that we can give parents is to push all negative perceptions aside and simply try the program. There will always be a learning curve but with calm and positive persistence you will be surprised at how quickly change can happen.
Yes! We absolutely can. First and foremost, we operate out of a 100% nut-free facility. We offer vegetarian options as well as delicious substitutions for children with special dietary restrictions. If your child has a specific allergy and you would like to know what we use as a substitution please feel free to Contact Us and we would be happy to provide you with that information.
Yes.Once your child receives our flyer, you can choose the meals that you want and then return flyer and cash or cheque by deadline to start receiving lunches. OR simply order meals online.
There really is no fixed answer to this question. The availability of local and organic ingredients fluctuates all the time. There are certain ingredients that will always be organic and will always be local. For example: our dairy products will always be organic and our meat products will always be local. The problem with using 100% organic foods is that this can take away from supporting our local farmers. Having a certified organic farm is very costly for small farmers. It is more important to us to know the farmers and how they produce our food rather than purchasing from larger farms outside of the county that are certified organic. Many times we find that local farmers use organic practices but cannot afford the organic certification. Depending on the availability of organic and local will determine what we purchase. Our method in choosing which foods to buy is as follows…Local Organic–Local–Organic Ontario Grown–Ontario Grown–Organic Canada Grown–Canada Grown–Organic. We strive to support local organic as much as possible when the food items are available to us. This is very important to us.
Absolutely!! Staff have their own specific menu. Simply Join the Club and register as a staff member.
Yes we do! We offer two options of our delicious smoothies!
All of our packaging comes from Canadian based companies. The biodegradable materials used to make these products decompose in a commercial composting/landfill facility within 30-60 days. Our plastic deli containers are made from corn and our paper products are made from sugar cane. We also provide plant based cutlery and craft paper boxes for the lunch kits. The remainder of packaging is recyclable…We create ZERO waste!
If your child needs to miss a lunch day for an appointment, please let us know 48 hours prior to the lunch club date. To make a missed lunch request, please send us your details using the Contact Us form. Refunds will be given in the form of credit towards a future lunch.
Currently we are servicing all of Essex County and Windsor Area. If you are a school that is outside of this area please feel free to Contact Us in regards to the program and we can look into accommodating you.
The Green Heart Lunch Club is not only a healthy lunch club program but also a fundraising opportunity for schools as well. Each school receives 25 cents per lunch! We also have a fundraising program Contact Us for details!