meals delivered to your kids school

Green Heart Lunch Club is an affordable, convenient, and healthy lunch program. Our mission is to build a healthier future for our kids and community, one lunch at a time.

Add Green Heart Lunch Club service to your school

If your child’s school is not yet registered for our healthy, one day a week hot lunch program, you can give our details to the school principal or parent council. You can also contact us directly for more information.

Once your school is registered for the Green Heart Lunch Club

Green Heart will begin delivering lunches to your school on the same day every week. We will provide a newsletter outlining the weekly delivery day, as well as the start date for the first lunch.

We will be making deliveries to your child’s school until the end of the school year, so you can Join the Club at any time. To receive the next scheduled lunch, please register a minimum of three business days prior to the delivery date. If you register less than three business days prior to the next delivery date, your child will start receiving meals the following week.

All lunches are delivered to your school using safe-food handling practices for on-time delivery. All lunches are delivered in biodegradable packaging that is compliant with the Eco-Schools Waste Reduction strategy.

Each child will receive a complimentary, BPA-free Green Heart Lunch Club water bottle with their first lunch delivery!

Signing up your child for the Green Heart Lunch Club

Step 1

You can join the club at any time by filling in our online registration form. You are only required to complete this information one time and will not be asked for it again for the remainder of your term with The Green Heart Lunch Club.

Step 2

Club payments are made monthly. The first payment will be charged to your credit card immediately after you sign up. You will then be charged monthly on the same day as your initial membership for the remainder of the Lunch Club semester. You will receive an email receipt summing up your order information every time a payment is made.

Step 3

You can access your account information at any time by using your unique user name and password.