Our Menu

Each menu item consists of only fresh, local ingredients, offers vegetarian and non-vegetarian options as well as substitutions for children with allergies or special dietary needs. Our seasonal, five week rotating menu is carefully designed by our Certified Nutritionist , Laila Crosby CNP. All lunches are made fresh daily in a nut-free, commercial kitchen in accordance with the standards outlined by Ontario’s PPM 150 Nutrition Policy. Kid (and teacher) tested and approved! We currently offer one lunch per week at each participating school. You can purchase individual meals and select the type of meal that suits your child weekly. The table below shows which meals will be available in upcoming weeks.

Beef Tacos
Happy Thanksgiving!
Whole Grain Happy Chicken Wrap
Brown rice chicken noodle soup w/ fresh veggies, fruit and hummus.
Every balanced meal comes with a full serving of fruit and fresh veggies with no-tahini hummus. *Due to allergy restrictions, Lakeshore Public student will be receiving yogurt dip instead of no-tahini hummus
Veggie Option =